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Facing criminal charges of identity theft may be overwhelming. You might be uncertain about how to fight the charges or are unsure about what happens next. Contact a Jefferson County identity theft lawyer. They could help you identify effective legal options and potentially work on your behalf to establish a credible defense.

A capable defense attorney could examine your case and the evidence collected by the prosecution. They could also independently investigate the incident and potentially find facts left out by the law enforcement’s investigation.

How an Identity Theft Lawyer Could Help

A Jefferson County identity theft attorney could provide assistance in several ways which may include:

  • Explaining the specific charges you are facing
  • Discussing the potential implications of a conviction
  • Providing legal guidance and assistance
  • Advocating for you throughout the legal process
  • Preparing a legal defense based on the specific factors of your situation
  • Fighting to help you achieve the best possible legal outcome

Identity Theft Laws

Identity theft is a Class B felony under Alabama law. Charges of identity theft can be brought against a person for up to seven years following the initial offense. Identity theft occurs when a person obtains goods, services, or other gain using the identity of another person without the permission or consent of that person (see Section 13A-8-192 of the Alabama criminal code). The following situations may constitute as identity theft when committed without a person’s authorization or consent:

  • Obtaining documents of identification, such as a driver’s license or birth certificate, in another person’s name
  • Obtaining goods and/or services by using another person’s identification.
  • Obtaining employment by using another person’s identification
  • Using another person’s identification to access financial records or obtain benefits intended for that person

Legal Penalties in Jefferson County

Identity theft is categorized as a Class B felony in the state of Alabama, which typically carries a possible prison sentence of between 2-20 years if convicted (see Section 13A-5-6). In cases when individuals convicted for identity theft have previously been convicted of a felony offense of any kind (the conviction does not have to be for identity theft), the punishment for a Class A felony is applied.

Class A felonies are generally more serious than Class B felonies and could carry a prison sentence of at least 10 years versus a minimum sentence of just two years for Class B felonies. Class A felony convictions also carry a possible maximum sentence of life.

For individuals with two or more prior felony convictions, the sentence could be even more severe. A Jefferson County identity theft lawyer could further discuss the possible legal penalties for identity theft offenses.

Talking to a Jefferson County Identity Theft Attorney

You do not have to face charges of identity theft on your own. An aggressive defense attorney could assist you in understanding the legal procedures that may apply to your case. Whether you have just been arrested or have already been arraigned, it is not too late to seek the assistance of a Jefferson County identity theft lawyer. Call to schedule a legal consultation and potentially start building a legally valid defense.