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With the evolution of electronics and the Internet, legal transgressions can involve downloading pirated copies of major motion pictures, using someone’s wifi without their permission, or simply possessing a device capable of “stealing” a cable signal or satellite feed. A theft charge is serious and one that can have serious penalties in the state.

To keep up with these changing times, the law has grown complex and more-encompassing. A Jefferson County theft lawyer can help decipher that complexity and cut through the confusion. If you have been accused of theft, you may benefit from speaking with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who can assess your situation and help you lessen its consequences on your life.

What are Considered Digital Offenses?

Taking property from others without permission, both with and without the use of force is illegal. Not paying for services rendered is also punishable by law. The digital era has expanded the definition of “taking property” to include digital offenses.

In Jefferson County, a person is guilty of a misdemeanor if they:

  • Receive or try to receive cable television service by fraudulent means
  • Show or instruct others how to do so
  • Make or modify devices that enable others to steal cable television
  • Bring into the state such devices
  • Advertise for sale such devices

In addition, it is a felony under Alabama statute to transfer, directly or indirectly, recorded music without permission from the owner for financial gain. This could include copied CDs and DVDs or videos of live performances. If you have been accused of any of these things, an attorney well-versed in Alabama theft codes can help determine what, if any, laws were broken.

Criminal and Civil Liability in Jefferson County

As a Jefferson County theft lawyer knows, penalties for theft could extend beyond the criminal courts and the verdicts rendered there. Accusations of theft of recorded music can allow the owner of the recorded material to file a lawsuit against the accused for damages. These damages may be actual, compensatory, and incidental. Punitive damages, which can be up to three times the amount of what it cost to produce the music, can be levied as well.

Those who were convicted for the first time of cable television theft could be subject to civil damages of up to a $1,000 or double the actual damages sustained by the cable company. Second-time offenders can face twice this amount. Facing criminal and civil penalties for theft is a tough prospect but makes creating a strong defense against such charges even more vital.

Speak with a Jefferson County Theft Attorney Today

If you have been charged with theft under Alabama law, a skilled attorney with knowledge of relevant statutes could help you achieve a favorable legal outcome under the circumstances.

Regardless of the situation that resulted in these allegations, a Jefferson County theft lawyer can help decipher the law and how it affects you. Do not wait for the consequences of a theft charge to affect your life. Act now to protect your rights.

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