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States carry out most the criminal investigations, arrests, and prosecutions of offenses in the United States. Every state enacted their own criminal codes that outline illegal activities and the appropriate penalties. However, the United States government also passed statutes criminalizing specific behaviors.

In many cases, both state and federal governments can accuse a person of a crime following the same activity. It is even possible for a person to face charges under both statutes and face punishment twice for the same act.

For these reasons, it is critical for people accused of crimes by the U.S. government to obtain representation to defend their rights. A Lawrence County federal criminal lawyer can represent individuals in U.S. district courthouses throughout Lawrence County. An attorney is dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms of all people accused of violations of federal law.

How are Lawrence County Cases and Federal Cases Different?

Both Lawrence County courts and U.S. district courts have the authority to hear cases alleging violations of the law. In many situations, the allegations of criminal activity are illegal under both Lawrence County and U.S. law.

To start a criminal case in any court, it is necessary for a law enforcement agency to file charges. For violations of Lawrence County law, this may be the local District Attorney’s office. This office takes evidence gathered by city police departments or sheriff’s departments to build a case against an individual. They then submit this evidence to the court for an indictment.

United States agencies investigate violations of US laws. This can include the F.B.I., I.R.S., or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. These agencies then refer the case to the Alabama branch of the United States attorney’s office for prosecution in the local U.S. district court.

Whether a person faces charges for a crime in a state or federal court, their rights remain the same. They have the absolute right to a Lawrence County federal attorney. They have the right to examine all the evidence against them prior to trial. If the case goes to trial, they have the right to have the case heard by a jury and the U.S. attorney must prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

What are Some Examples of Federal Crimes?

All violations of federal crimes are in the United States Code. This means that whenever a person faces criminal charges, it must be according to a statute. Prominent examples of these crimes include:

  • Drug Offenses
  • Fraud and other corporate crimes
  • Violations of federal gun laws
  • Tax evasion
  • Terrorism

In situations where the alleged activity is a violation of both state and federal laws, the cases may be tried separately. For example, a person may face charges of illegal drug distribution under both Lawrence County and U.S. laws. It is important to remember that both cases will be independent. However, this also means that penalties from both courts can result in back-to-back sentences.

A Lawrence County Federal Criminal Attorney is Here To Help

People facing criminal charges in a U.S. court are likely scared and confused. The mere fact that the U.S. government is charging them with a crime is intimidating. However, individuals in these cases enjoy the same constitutional rights as people in State cases.

A Lawrence County federal criminal attorney can help protect these rights. A lawyer can bar any inadmissible evidence, cross-examine every government witness, and defend the individual’s liberty before the court. Contact a lawyer today for a free consultation.

Lawrence County Federal Criminal Lawyer