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Some of the most common criminal charges in Lawrence County involve the illegal possession, manufacture, or distribution of drugs. Most people facing these charges face prosecution by the state in which the alleged activity took place.

However, the U.S. government also can charge people with all manner of illegal drug activities. Even something as simple as possession of marijuana can quickly turn into a federal case with potential jail sentences and heavy fines.

A Lawrence County federal drug lawyer can help people facing drug offenses in U.S. district courts. A federal defense attorney can work with individuals to formulate a defense, present that defense to the court, and fight for their freedom.

What Are United States Drug Laws?

Just as the simple possession of an illegal drug is illegal under Lawrence County law, so too is this illegal under United States law. The framework for criminal prosecutions of illegal drug possession is in 21 U.S.C. §841. This straightforward statute states that it is illegal for any person to manufacture, dispense, distribute, or even intend to distribute a controlled substance.

The consequences for a conviction vary depending upon the amount of the drug found and its identity. For example, a person with five or more kilograms of cocaine may face a mandatory minimum jail sentence of ten years. Under some circumstances, a judge may extend this term to life. However, the penalties for distribution of other drugs and lesser amounts do not carry a mandatory sentencing requirement.

It is also illegal to simply possess an illegal drug. 21 U.S.C. §844 states that any person who illegally possesses these drugs can face no more than one year in jail and a fine of no less than $1,000. However, if a person has a previous offense under this law or any drug law in any state, a conviction carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 days in jail making it imperative that a Lawrence County federal drug lawyer is consulted.

What are the Financial Consequences of Conviction?

Almost as harsh as the potential jail sentences are the financial repercussions of a conviction. 21 U.S.C. §844a allow courts to impose extremely heavy fines on people convicted under U.S. drug laws. These are civil penalties and are left up to the sentencing court’s discretion.

These civil penalties can rise to as much as $10,000, and the law specifically states that a person’s financial situation has no bearing on the court’s decision on whether to impose the penalty.

A person may also have to forfeit their personal property. 21 U.S.C. §844a allows the court to seize any property connected to the alleged drug crime after a conviction. However, this only applies when the individual faces a jail term more than one year.

A Lawrence County Federal Drug Attorney Can Defend Individuals

The penalties for a conviction under U.S. drug laws are severe. Not only can a person face jail time, but they may have to forfeit their personal property and pay fines of thousands of dollars.

These penalties are in addition to any sentences handed down by Lawrence County courts that arise out of the same incident. For these reasons, it may be important that people accused of violations of U.S. drug laws to obtain representation can defend their freedom.

Lawrence County Federal Drug Lawyers represent individuals in U.S. District Courts against alleged violations of federal drug laws. A lawyer can work on every aspect of the case from bail terms to evidentiary motions, to cross-examination of witnesses to provide individuals with a thorough and effective defense. Take a step to protect yourself; contact an attorney today.

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