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Criminal law can be technical, complicated, and emotional for the defendant, whose freedom may be at risk because of the charge. Although the laws throughout Alabama are governed by the same federal and state laws, each county has its own local statutes that can have a significant impact on the outcome of a case. Common plea negotiations in one county may not be an option in another county due to a variety of factors.

Accordingly, when an individual is charged with a criminal offense in Mountain Brook, Alabama, it may be important to seek assistance from a seasoned Mountain Brook criminal lawyer. Not contacting an experienced attorney could be the difference between a positive outcome to your case and a negative one.

Protecting Rights and Interests

Criminal convictions can ruin lives, so it is important to be proactive immediately after being charged with a criminal offense. A criminal conviction can lead to imprisonment, which—in addition to leaving behind creature comforts—impacts relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. When the consequences are serious, it is important for anyone who is charged with a criminal offense to begin protecting their rights as soon as they are arrested or charged.

In every criminal case, the defendant has the right to be represented by an attorney, and the police are required to make them aware of that right upon arrest. They also have the right not to answer questions until they have spoken with their attorney.

Regardless of the circumstances leading to an arrest or a criminal charge, every person that is charged with a crime in Mountain Brook can protect their rights and interests immediately. The easiest way to do so is to immediately reach out to a Mountain Brook criminal lawyer.

Defending Against Criminal Charges

Not every individual charged with a crime is guilty; likewise, not every person that was involved in the commission of a crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Being charged with a crime does not obligate anyone to accept what is offered without trying to improve the outcome. Choosing an experienced attorney is one of the best ways that people, who are charged with a crime, can increase their chances of getting a positive outcome in their pending case.

Moreover, the criminal justice system is complicated, and it is never in a person’s best interests to attempt to navigate it without experienced legal representation. Experienced attorneys understand that many police officers make arrests before completing their investigations, without much regard for how that impacts the people, who are arrested.

Experienced lawyers may be familiar with the strategies that officers use while investigating, as well as the legal requirements—which are known as due process rights—hat must be met during the investigative process. When an officer or detective runs afoul of a defendant’s due process rights, a Mountain Brook criminal lawyer could be prepared to tackle that issue head-on.

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Get Assistance from a Mountain Brook Criminal Attorney

Whether the offense is a misdemeanor or felony, once you are charged with a crime you are at risk for fines, incarceration, and/or probation. Not having an attorney that has successfully handled these types of cases before in Mountain Brook often increases the chances of a negative outcome.

So, if you are facing criminal charges in Mountain Brook, you may need to seek counsel from an experienced Mountain Brook criminal lawyer. Call today to get started on your case.