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A criminal conviction can stay on an individual’s record for years, and may keep them from becoming employed, obtaining a college education, renting an apartment, adopting children, or participating in many other activities that some take for granted. However, there are ways to get a second chance and new start on life through an expungement of the conviction. A Mountain Brook expungement lawyer has the ability to help determine if you are eligible for expunction and a new beginning free from past mistakes. Get in touch with an experienced attorney today.

What is Expungement?

Expungement is a legal process that erases arrest and conviction records from one’s criminal background. Although the criminal justice system may maintain documents of a criminal record, with expunction, the public does not know of past mistakes. Employers, colleges, and other institutions will see a clean record.  An individual’s criminal arrest or conviction will not show up in background checks, and the person is not required to disclose the prior arrest or conviction.

The Expungement Process

Expungements do not happen automatically. One will have to file an application or petition, pay the appropriate filing fee, and submit the necessary paperwork to a judicial court review. It is very important to obtain all the necessary documents for one’s expungement case to be filed and processed correctly. Much of the required material can be found from court records and the prosecutor’s office. For this specific task, a Mountain Brook expungement attorney can potentially be of great help in searching and filing the appropriate information for the court to review.

Qualifications for Expungement

Traffic violations, municipal ordinance offenses, misdemeanors, and certain types of felonies may be expunged. Under Alabama Expungement Law, cases involving violent felonies cannot be expunged from a person’s record. The 2017 Alabama Legislature amended this expungement law, however, so that individuals found not guilty of a violent felony can now have their records expunged. Prior to the amended law, expungement of violent crimes was not permitted under any circumstances.

Hearings and Expungement Cases

It is significant to take into account the fact that expungement is not guaranteed. On certain occasions, there could be objections to having a record expunged.  In these objection cases, it may be necessary to attend a court hearing to examine the reasons for the objections. However, when there are no objections and the judge has sufficient information to make their decision, more often than not a hearing will no longer be required.

Reach Out to a Mountain Brook Expungement Attorney Today

Expungement is a great tool for people who have learned from their mistakes and are ready to move beyond their past actions. An expungement of an arrest, misdemeanor, or felony can be the start of a new life for someone ready to begin again. No one should have to be permanently bound by any past mistakes. If you are interested in becoming involved in this process, you should strongly consider contacting a Mountain Brook expungement lawyer today for a case review.