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While even the most honest and law-abiding people could make mistakes, such errors may result in charges for specific criminal offenses that might lead to penalties that forever change the lives of said individuals.

The legal system enables those charged with a crime the opportunity to defend themselves. Building a strong defense may be the key to maintaining a life filled with freedom and opportunities. A Pelham criminal lawyer’s involvement might prove beneficial in helping someone resident achieve that goal. Consult an accomplished defense attorney to learn about your rights following a criminal allegation.

The Types of Criminal Offenses an Individual Might Face

There are numerous offenses for which an individual might be charged. Some of the more common criminal offenses a Pelham attorney might provide services for may include:

  • Assault
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Illegal gun possession
  • Domestic violence
  • Various drug charges

A more comprehensive list of criminal offenses Alabama law enforcement agencies could levy charges for can be found in the Alabama Criminal Code.

The Benefits of a Defense Attorney

The prosecution levying any charges in Pelham have the responsibility of demonstrating, beyond any responsible doubt, that the accused is responsible for executing the offense they were charged with. The role of the criminal lawyer is to build a case that raises questions about whether the accused was indeed responsible.

The specific strategies employed to establish doubt may depend upon the specific crime and the facts surrounding the said event. Most criminal defense cases are typically formulated around the notion of presenting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and consulting with experts in specific fields that could help illustrate doubt. Pelham criminal lawyers could represent defendants in drug cases, DUIs, and much more.

The Penalties Criminal Offenses Might Carry

Criminal offenses are typically divided into two separate categories: misdemeanors and felonies. For specific offenses, each category may further be broken down into specific Classes designating severity.

Misdemeanors are considered the less serious designation and may yield short jail terms and minor to moderate fines. Felonies are deemed more significant and might result in lengthy prison sentences and severe fines.

Every misdemeanor and felony may not always be subjected to mandatory punishments. Several issues might factor into the severity of the reprimand handed down. This may include:

  • The individual’s criminal history
  • If other criminal offenses might have been engaged in during the act in question
  • The person’s mental status
  • If the offense was executed in a brutal or save manner
  • If the person had any accomplices
  • If the individual provided evidence or testimony that provided incriminating information about other serious and prosecutable offenses

Numerous other factors might go into determining the specific penalty an adjudicating body decides on. After reviewing a specific Pelham criminal case, an attorney could determine whether the latter might present any extenuating circumstances.

What to Do After Being Charged

The actions a person takes during the time immediately following being charged with a criminal offense may play heavily into the overall outcome of the case. Anyone accused is recommended to contact legal counsel and maintain silence. Anything a person says or does in the immediate aftermath could be used against them in a legal proceeding.

There are further actions someone may execute that could initiate a smoother transition into the defense process and improve their chances for a more beneficial outcome. This may include fully understanding the specific offense and classification of the charges faced, speaking only to a lawyer first, and providing them with an honest account of the events in question.

Contacting a Pelham Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense may not be an untenable situation. An attorney experienced in criminal cases could help you maneuver through the legal system and may be able to build your defense case. Call a Pelham criminal lawyer to represent you.