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Identity theft is not just accusations of pretending to be another person. There are multiple crimes that may lead to charges of co-opting or stealing the identity of another person. While identity theft cases are often related to internet scams or data breaches at online retailers, any accusations of stealing another person’s identity could lead to criminal charges.

One of the first steps to fight against allegations of identity fraud involves speaking to a Pelham identity theft lawyer. An aggressive fraud attorney could help you build a potential plan of defense. Determining how to face charges may be able a step to mitigate or avoid the potentially damaging consequences of a charge.

Identify Theft Offenses in Pelham

The most common allegations related to identity are identity theft and trafficking in stolen identities. Using a fraudulent identity may also lead to charges of obstructing justice.

Identify Theft

Actions committed without a person’s consent and with the intent to defraud are typically considered identity theft. These may include using another person’s information to:

  • Access their financial information, identification documents, or benefits
  • Obtain goods or services
  • Secure identification documents in the person’s name
  • Obtain a job

A violation of this law is considered a Class B felony, as found in Code of Alabama §13A-8-192. It is important to note that this law does not apply to minors who use a false ID to obtain alcohol or cigarettes. Individuals that are facing charges may benefit from consulting a well-versed Pelham identity theft attorney about their rights.

Trafficking in Stolen Identities Law

Selling another person’s identifying information without consent and for the purpose of identity theft is a Class B felony. If a person has five or more identification documents, the act may constitute trafficking. Simply holding the documents is enough to demonstrate intent to traffic the identities. A hard-working defense attorney could examine a person’s solicitation case and the applicable laws to determine which defenses they may have available to them.

Obstructing Justice Using a False Identity Law

A person may not use false identification to avoid any legal proceeding, which could include an arrest or summons. If someone does this, the court may find the actor guilty of obstructing justice, which is a Class C felony.

Penalties for Fraudulent Identity Charges in Pelham

Many identify theft charges are considered felony offenses. In conjunction with a potential of up to 20 years in jail for a Class B felony, a conviction may have a dramatic effect on a person’s rights, future job, and potential housing opportunities.

Even if a person chooses to not disclose any felony convictions, they may appear during a background check. This may make it difficult to secure a job or could lead to the destruction of a reputation in the community, as a conviction may make people feel as if they are unable to trust a certain party. There may also be civil penalties, which could include restitution paid for any financial losses. To learn more about identity theft penalties and how to defend against them, it may be beneficial to consult a Pelham identity theft lawyer.

Reach Out to a Pelham Identity Theft Attorney

Identity theft could be a state or federal issue, the offense is notably serious no matter how it is charged. When accused of identify fraud, your freedom and rights may be at risk. It may be vital to do everything in your power to protect yourself and your future, including contacting a Pelham identity theft lawyer.

Seeking an attorney early in the process may be an important step to protect yourself. Before you decide upon your next step, reach out to discuss your situation and begin working towards a favorable resolution.

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