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Federal prosecutors will often do anything they can to hold criminal defendants responsible for their alleged crimes. Given how powerful the federal government is, you may need an equally aggressive and determined lawyer to maximize your chances of a positive outcome.

A Shelby County federal criminal lawyer can help you with drug charges, white-collar crimes, IRS criminal charges, immigration fraud, possession of child pornography, and more. While it may seem as if going up against the entire United States government is an impossible task, a skilled criminal defense attorney could help level the proverbial playing field.

Investigations in Federal Cases

Many people discover they are under investigation when officials come to speak to them about their involvement in an alleged crime. Search warrants and subpoenas may also be a good indication that someone is under investigation.

Federal investigations are frequently an exercise in patience. Because there may be much to investigate, the process can take months—if not years—to result in charges. Generally, federal charges must be brought within five years of when a crime was allegedly committed, but of course, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, the statute of limitations for ongoing conspiracy does not begin running until the conspiracy has ended.

Following a Federal Arrest

After someone is arrested on federal charges, they are brought before a federal court. In many cases, the defendant is released at this time. However, the ordeal is far from over, as they will be required to return to court for a grand jury indictment, preliminary hearing, and/or an eventual trial.

Anyone who believes they are under federal investigation should consider consulting aggressive representation as soon as possible. An experienced Shelby County federal criminal lawyer could have discussions with the prosecutor early in the investigation process to begin protecting their client’s rights. An attorney may also be present when their client gives statements to a prosecutor or appear before a grand jury to help them avoid accidentally implicating themselves.

Federal Penalties

Should a defendant choose to plead guilty, or if they are found guilty in court, a sentencing hearing would then be scheduled. Prior to this hearing, a judge looks at the defendant’s Presentence Investigation Report, or PSR, to determine if they have a criminal history.

The report also gives information on a defendant’s finances, personal characteristics, and social history. Along with the sentencing guidelines for the crime, this information helps inform how the judge may sentence the defendant.

Potential penalties for federal crimes include prison time, probation, house arrest, and fines. Anyone given prison time should expect to begin serving their sentence immediately. In rare cases, though, a judge may allow a person to report to the United States Bureau of Prisons to begin their sentence at a later time.

Contacting a Shelby County Federal Criminal Attorney

If you were arrested on federal charges, there is no time to waste. By contacting a Shelby County federal criminal lawyer, you could increase the odds of having a successful day in court. Given how serious the potential penalties are for many federal crimes, it could be crucial not to be caught unawares by the criminal justice system.

Call now to schedule your initial consultation. The appointment is free of charge and completely confidential. There is no risk to you, so do not hesitate to get your questions answered and begin planning ahead for your defense.