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Although laws in Shelby County make it relatively easy for residents to obtain guns, it also imposes serious penalties on those who violate any of the applicable laws regarding the possession, transportation, and use of guns. When someone faces charges for gun-related offenses, they may find it significantly beneficial to consult with a Shelby County gun lawyer.

Proceeding to court without a qualified criminal defense lawyer could leave a person vulnerable to years in prison, heavy fines, and the creation of a criminal record that may limit future opportunities. Attorneys in Shelby County could help review the facts surrounding the case and potentially help stand up for your rights by potentially providing representation in court.

Firearm Laws in Shelby County

Alabama has a wide-range of laws regarding guns. Some laws limit use of guns by type, age, permit, area use, and typically disallow an individual with a significant criminal record to own or purchase a firearm.

Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns

In Shelby County, guns with a barrel measuring less than 12 inches are typically classified as “pistols.” Any firearm that does not have a shoulder stock may also be considered a “pistol” even if it would otherwise qualify as a rifle or shotgun.

Age Limits for Gun Ownership

Individuals who are at least 18 years old may purchase a rifle or shotgun without any permit. Residents who are at least 21 years old may purchase any type of legal firearm, including a pistol, without any type of permit in Alabama.

Concealed Carry Permits

Carrying guns openly is generally allowed in Alabama. However, a permit is required to carry any type of concealed firearm on a person’s body or in any type of vehicle.

Restricted Areas

Carrying concealed weapons in certain buildings such as airports, courthouses, and criminal justice buildings may be banned, even with a permit. Carrying a concealed weapon at or within 1000 feet of parades, political events, sporting events, and other public gatherings is also generally banned. Additionally, carrying any type of firearm into a wildlife management area without a valid hunting permit is also considered illegal. An appointment with a Shelby County gun lawyer may allow someone to clarify important questions about their case before attending a court hearing.

People Barred from Owning Firearms

The following types of individuals are generally barred from owning any type of firearm in Alabama:

  • Anyone convicted of a felony
  • Anyone convicted of committing – or attempting to commit – a violent crime
  • Known drug addicts or alcoholics
  • Those with intent to cause bodily harm on the premises of a school

Criminal Gun Penalties

The penalties for violating gun laws in Shelby County vary according to the specific offense. When a person provides false information to obtain a firearm, they could receive a penalty of up to five years in prison upon conviction. Possessing an illegal gun may also lead to a lengthy prison term of up to ten years. However, if a person uses a gun during the commission of a crime, they could be sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

Possessing illegal ammunition during the commission of a crime could also carry a penalty of up to three years. Additionally, someone who possesses a gun with intent to do bodily harm on the premises of a school may receive upon conviction a prison term of ten years. Many gun law violations can be prosecuted in conjunction with one another, and it may further complicate an initial charge or lead to more harsh consequences.

A conviction for any firearm offense may lead to significantly limit a person’s freedom. When facing such charges, someone may want to consider meeting with a Shelby County gun lawyer who could look over the details of the incident and possibly help identify legal options.

How a Shelby County Gun Attorney Can Help

A person who has been charged with any type of gun-related crime may want to seek legal counsel from a Shelby County gun lawyer who is well-versed in the aspects of gun law. A skilled attorney could review the situation and propose potential defense strategies before proceeding to court in Shelby County. Call today to schedule an appointment.