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If you are facing an accusation of solicitation, you may feel embarrassed or fearful. But beyond these uncomfortable emotions, there may also be long-reaching ramifications related to an arrest or even a court trial. It is important not to let your emotions stop you from thinking clearly. Work with a Shelby county solicitation lawyer who could examine your case and begin assessing potential legal options which may benefit your case in court.

A credible defense attorney could advocate on your behalf in front of a judge. In some cases, law enforcement may employ deceptive tactics that could violate a person’s rights. If you are concerned about the way law enforcement conducted an investigation, schedule a legal consultation today.

Solicitation in Alabama

In the Alabama Code Section 13A-12-121, individuals may not “solicit… any person to have sexual intercourse… for monetary consideration or other things of marketable value.” This typically means that a person could be charged with solicitation even if any potentially illegal act has not been carried out. There generally must also be an intent to commit the crime.

If an individual is convicted of engaging in prostitution, that person typically cannot also be charged with solicitation. The Constitution generally prohibits this situation of being charged twice, which is called double jeopardy and noted in the Fifth Amendment.

Defenses to Solicitation

If you have been charged with solicitation, there are numerous defenses that a Shelby county attorney could pursue on a person’s behalf, depending on the nature of the case. These may include:

  • Lack of evidence that a request for sex was ever made
  • Lack of evidence of intent to engage in the act
  • The solicited person is not believable
  • Mistake or misunderstanding of the situation

Entrapment means that a person was coerced into doing something they would not normally do. Arrange for a legal consultation with a Shelby County solicitation lawyer as they could help assess the circumstances of an individual’s arrest.

Potential Penalties

According to the Alabama Code Section 13A-12-122, an act of solicitation is often considered a Class A misdemeanor. This offense typically carries with it either a maximum penalty of less than one year in jail (Section 13A-5-7) or a fine of no more than $6,000 (Section 13A-5-12), or both (Section 13A-5-2(c)). Along with the criminal penalties, there is also the potential for social stigma that could attach to an accusation of a sexual misconduct offense.

Contact an Aggressive Shelby County Solicitation Attorney Today

The personal trauma associated with a solicitation accusation should generally be taken seriously. It could be emotionally draining to deal with charges brought by the government, as well as a time consuming and expensive experience. If you are faced with having to fight back against serious criminal charges, you may find it advantageous to contact a Shelby County solicitation lawyer.

A dependable defense attorney who is familiar with solicitation cases in Shelby could explain the rules and regulations which commonly may impact such cases. Delaying contact with a lawyer could harm a person’s case in court. Schedule a meeting today and begin building a legally valid defense.

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