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It can be difficult for a person to know what to do in the event that the government accuses them of a crime. Someone may feel stressed, attacked or frightened, which are all normal responses when faced with a theft charge. A skilled Shelby County theft lawyer could help guide someone through the process of an accusation, which may turn into a charge and lead to a trial.

A person who accused of a theft offense, may find having the assistance of an aggressive defense attorney to be helpful when fighting such a charge. Typically, the prosecutor will use any evidence obtained by the police against someone charged with theft in order to succeed in court. In that situation, an attorney can help defend a person against those charges and protect their rights.

Potential Theft Charges

In Alabama, there are four levels of theft, the fourth degree being a misdemeanor and the other three constituting a felony. Even a misdemeanor charge can result in the loss of a person’s freedom and a felony charge can follow the person who is convicted their whole life. The degree of the theft often relates to the current market value of the property at issue.

Some examples of theft charges may include:

  • Stealing the property of another
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting
  • Identity theft
  • Criminal trespass

A Shelby County theft lawyer could defend an individual drom the charges that they face.

First-Degree Theft

According to Alabama Code Section 13A-8-3, a person can be charged with theft of the first-degree if accused of taking a motor vehicle, property worth more than $2,500, or the theft involved a plan to take property and sell it and the value of the property was at least $1,000. A conviction of first-degree theft is a Class B felony.

Second-Degree Theft

Theft in the second-degree is defined in Alabama Code Section 13A-8-4 and it states that a person can be convicted of that crime if they stole property worth between $1,500 and $2,500, a firearm, a controlled substance, or livestock regardless of its value. A conviction of second-degree theft is considered a Class C felony.

Third-Degree Theft

A person can be convicted of theft in the third-degree, according to Alabama Code Section 13A-8-4.1, if they took property valued at more than $500, up to $1,499, or they took a credit or debit card. A conviction of third-degree theft is a Class D felony.

Fourth-Degree Theft

Fourth degree theft is defined as a Class misdemeanor. Such an offense may include taking property worth no more than $500, as defined in Alabama Code Section 13A-8-5.

How a Shelby County Theft Attorney Can Help

If a person has been charged with a theft violation, contacting a Shelby county theft lawyer may be in their best interests. Even a misdemeanor charge can have significant consequences. A seasoned theft attorney who is well-informed about the various ways a theft charge can be defended against could help a person succeed legally in front of a judge.

It is difficult to deal with the consequences of a theft accusation alone. Contact a credible Shelby County theft attorney for additional information of how they could assist someone defending against a theft charge.

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