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Any time criminal charges are brought forward, it is an extremely serious matter. In Alabama, assault charges are divided into different categories, based upon the various degrees of severity. Assault charges brought will allege that you have committed either a misdemeanor or a felony. If a criminal charge is brought against you, contact an experienced Talladega assault lawyer immediately. Experienced criminal lawyers are prepared to fight on your behalf and in your defense.

First-Degree Assault

A first-degree assault in Alabama is the most egregious assault charge in the state. First-degree assault is a class B Felony, and it can lead to significant jail time. A convicted defendant could receive a maximum of twenty years in prison and a fee can be assessed that could reach $30,000 dollars.

A first-degree assault charge typically involves a severe injury, and could also involve assault with a deadly weapon. These cases can be related to some type of reckless conduct; for example, theft crimes, domestic violence, rape, and driving under the influence.

Second-Degree Assault

In Alabama, second-degree assault is also a Class C Felony. It too can result in serious time in prison, lengthy probation terms, as well as hefty fines imposed. The penalties upon conviction are up to 10 years of jail time, and fees up to $15,000. Second-degree assault cases may also involve other forms of assault, resisting arrest, interfering in a police investigation, or drug charges.

Third-Degree Assault

In Alabama, a third-degree assault amounts to a Class A Misdemeanor. A conviction still comes with major consequences. Jail time for third-degree assault can be up to one year, and the fines can be up to $6,000 dollars. Individuals can be arrested for third-degree assault by Birmingham police if they use a weapon recklessly, interfere with official police duties, or cause physical injury to someone else, whether or not the injury was intentional.

Building a Defense With the Help of a Talladega Assault Lawyer

In the state, there are several defenses to an assault charge. When a person reasonably fears that they are in imminent danger of harm, they do have the right to defend themselves, and therefore argue self-defense. In addition, the extent of any injuries caused must be closely examined. This issue can ultimately determine whether an assault is a misdemeanor or a felony. Of course, the burden is on the prosecutor to prove all elements of any crime.

Any assault charge brought against you could result in a criminal conviction, which could serve as a major obstacle in your future path to education, employment, or joining the military. There is so much at stake once a criminal allegation is made against you, that you need to address the matter seriously, immediately.

The possible jail time and fines accompanying the charge can make these cases scary for a defendant. If you are accused of assault in Talladega, it is critical that you speak with an experienced Talladega assault lawyer. Lawyers are committed to zealously defending you, always fighting for the best possible outcome given your factual circumstances. Call today to arrange an initial consultation.