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Prostitution laws are aggressively enforced in Talladega. Alabama Code section 13A-12-120 makes it a criminal offense to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for money or other payment. For anyone charged with prostitution offenses, a Talladega prostitution lawyer may offer a variety of options and defenses to fight their criminal case. It can be critical to speak with a distinguished criminal attorney about your case before heading to trial.

Common Prostitution Charges

Prostitution charge typically center around an offer of some type of sexual activity. Talladega prostitution lawyers know that this conduct typically involves an agreement to perform or engage in a sexual act in exchange for money or something of value. Something of value can be considered illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or other goods or services.

Prohibited activities include:

  • Soliciting or compelling another to engage in a sexual act for monetary consideration or other thing of value
  • An agreement to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for money or something of value
  • Causing, helping, or condoning another person to perform an act of prostitution
  • Soliciting customers for prostitution
  • Receiving money or other valuable goods from any person so that person can engage in an act of prostitution
  • Maintaining or operating a residence that engages in or supports prostitution

Defending a Talladega Prostitution

Prostitution cases are usually made in one of two ways. Either the police observe activity, investigate, and then charge a party with a prostitution offense, or the police deploy decoys who record and film a defendant in a hotel room or other controlled environment.

What is the Investigation Process?

In cases based on observation and investigation, arguments in courts generally depend on the testimony or admission of at least one party, usually the solicitor or “john”. The alleged solicitor is often pressured to give incriminating evidence against the defendant facing prostitution charges, and the police may offer to drop or lessen charges against the solicitor in exchange for testimony. Coercive tactics such as these can reshape testimony, and a Talladega prostitution lawyer may be able to expose these threats as marks against the credibility of the client or the police.

Likelihood of Entrapment

When the police record or film alleged acts or offers of prostitution, it may be worth examining whether the police used unlawful acts to entrap the person charged with prostitution. It is also possible that important portions of conversations were not recorded because these facts might harm the police’s credibility and weaken the case against the person charged with prostitution.

Talladega prostitution attorneys may also ensure that all procedural and due process protections were observed in a prostitution charge. Violation of Miranda warnings and failure to collect and preserve evidence, especially evidence favorable to a defendant, should be checked.

If a defendant was coerced or threatened into an activity that leads to a prostitution charge, it may be applicable to a legal defense. Drug addictions, children to support, and other personal pressure can also be legitimate factors. In many situations, there are many sides to a charge of prostitution. The experience and knowledge of a Talladega prostitution lawyer could be put to good use for anyone facing criminal prosecution for such charges.