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A charge of solicitation of prostitution can ensnare otherwise law-abiding and productive members of the community. On top of the potential embarrassment of an arrest, a conviction on solicitation charges can affect reputations and damage relationships as well.

If you were charged with solicitation in Talladega, you may need strong legal assistance to prepare your defense in court. A Talladega solicitation lawyer is available to help with this, and could work to protect and defend you at every stage of your criminal case.

Acts or Conduct Which Constitute Criminal Solicitation

Solicitation of a prostitute is criminalized under Alabama Criminal Code section 13A-12-121(b), which states that no person shall solicit or otherwise entice another into an act of sexual activity in exchange for money or other consideration. The sexual act itself does not have to occur for an individual to be charged with solicitation.

As with a prostitution charge, law enforcement officers sometimes trap people with decoy prostitutes and hidden microphones. In these circumstances, anything said during the alleged process of solicitation may be electronically recorded for use during prosecution.

In some circumstances, law enforcement targets agencies such as escort services that they suspect of provide or condone alleged acts of prostitution. A law enforcement officer may ask for an agency employee to come to a home or hotel room. The home or hotel will be electronically monitored, and the words and agreement reached that constitute solicitation will be recorded.

Best Defenses to a Talladega Solicitation Law Violation

Without an actual recording or video, solicitation of prostitution can be very difficult to prove. The case may depend on conflicting testimonies, which can be questioned and attacked on several grounds.

If the alleged solicitation is recorded, other facts and omissions not recorded can sometimes be asserted to fight the charge. These recordings are usually vague and indirect, and may be exaggerated by prosecutors. An offer of a massage or another suggestive but non-explicit activity may fall short of the proof needed to sustain a criminal conviction in court.

Consequences of a Solicitation of Prostitution Conviction

Solicitation of a prostitute is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 6 months in jail. Other circumstances, such as a prior conviction for the same charges or the alleged prostitute being a minor, can mean more time in jail. Additionally, fines can total several thousand dollars, and convicted defendants typically must attend and complete a class on the dangers of prostitution, which can take up to one year to complete.

For some individuals, the worst penalty of a solicitation conviction in Talladega may be to their personal lives. A conviction can affect employment for defendants who work in sensitive jobs, and can be discovered any time in the future when the defendant applies for a job or apartment rental.

A Talladega Solicitation Attorney Can Help

When facing a solicitation charge, it is important to examine all facts and circumstances of your arrest before going to court. In many cases, a skilled Talladega solicitation lawyer may be able to get the charge reduced or dismissed through negotiation with the prosecution. Call today to learn more.