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The consequences of a drug conviction, even for a minor offense, could have a serious impact on your life for many years in the future. If you are accused of any drug crime, you may wish to speak with a Trussville drug lawyer as soon as possible.

Aside from lengthy terms of incarceration, a drug conviction may adversely affect your life and career. You may lose a current position, have difficulty finding a job, or face expensive fines. As a result, getting advice from a criminal defense lawyer may be an advisable step to protect yourself.

Drug Laws in Trussville

Alabama has adopted a standard classification system for controlled substances, based on the potential of abuse and accepted medical usage of each drug. Schedule I drugs are considered the most dangerous drugs due to a high incidence of misuse, while Schedule V drugs are viewed as the least dangerous. Consulting a knowledgeable Trussville drug attorney may be beneficial to understand the classification of certain substances.

The penalties associated with crimes involving controlled substances vary according to the severity of the offense. In some cases, the amount and type of drugs also may impact the penalties for a drug conviction, such as in the case of marijuana.

Possession of Common Controlled Substances

The possession of any controlled substances is a Class D felony, except with a valid prescription or other authority, as detailed in Code of Alabama § 13A-12-212. Unlawful possession also occurs when individuals use some sort of deceit to obtain a controlled substance. As the repercussions of a felony drug conviction could be severe, people who are accused of this offense may wish to consult a focused illegal drugs attorney.

Unlawful possession of marijuana in the first degree is a Class C or D felony, pursuant to Ala. Code § 13A-12-213. This statute involves possession of marijuana for something other than personal use, which is a Class C felony. This statute also details possession for personal use after a prior conviction for unlawful marijuana possession, which elevates a charge to a Class D felony.

Distribution and Trafficking of Illegal Drugs

Distribution or possession with intent to distribute any controlled substances is a Class B Felony in Trussville. The quantity held serves as evidence of possession with intent to distribute. However, a charge increases to a Class A felony if those over 18 distribute controlled substances to individuals under the age of 18.

Ala. Code § 13A-12-231 governs drug trafficking. This Class A felony holds minimum terms of imprisonment and fines for certain controlled substances, including marijuana, based on the weight of the drugs involved in the offense. To understand the potential penalties related to certain charges, individuals facing charges may wish to contact a diligent drug lawyer in Trussville before choosing how to proceed.

Seek the Advice of a Trussville Drug Attorney

Particularly when large quantities of drugs are involved, those convicted of drug offenses may face harsh penalties that include mandatory minimum sentences of incarceration and high fines. If you are facing this type of charge, scheduling a consultation with a Trussville drug lawyer may help you.

A drug conviction could threaten your job, your future, and your freedom. Avoiding or minimizing the impact of drug charges on your life may be easier with a strong legal advocate at your side. Contact an attorney today to discuss charges you may face and begin working on your legal claim.