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While accusations of prostitution could leave you feeling ashamed or embarrassed, there are many reasons why the police may suspect such an act. A misunderstanding or being in the wrong place at the wrong time could all lead to criminal charges. If the police charged you with such a crime, you may find it vital to consult with a seasoned Trussville prostitution lawyer for advice on how to best protect yourself, your reputation and freedom. A focused criminal defense attorney may be able to understand the local court systems and help defend you against any charges or criminal proceedings.

Different Criminal Sexual Acts

Often referred to as the oldest profession, prostitution is generally thought of as buying or selling sexual favors for money. Within the Code of Alabama, criminal prostitution is defined as exchanging any sexual act, sexual contact, or unnatural act for something of monetary value in §13A-12-120. This means many acts related to engaging sex for money may also lead to charges, which could include:

  • Encouraging, requesting, or coercing another person to engage in such an act
  • Agreeing to engage in prostitution
  • Procuring patrons for prostitution
  • Receiving something of value to get another person to engage
  • Operate a house of prosecution

No matter which sexual act a person was accused of, a prostitution attorney in Trussville could build their defense.

Penalties for Engaging in Sex Work

Engaging in prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor. While a misdemeanor charge may not seem that serious, the court could place someone in jail for one year and order the convicted person to pay a fine of up to $6,000. Beyond the criminal penalties, a prostitution conviction may result in extensive damage to someone’s reputation.

The government might also require a person to register as a sex offender if they are convicted. Joining a registry could place a serious detriment onto someone’s life and destroy their reputation within the community, and make it difficult to live in certain areas. There are also jobs a person cannot hold if convicted of a sex crime. Given the potential consequences an individual could face after being charged with prostitution, defendants should consult a Trussville prostitution lawyer.

Where Are Criminal Charges for Streetwalking?

There are three degrees of severity of promoting prostitution. The law prohibits individuals from advancing or profiting from prostitution. A first-degree offense is a Class B felony. The first-degree felony also includes forcing another person to engage in prostitution or profiting from a person under the age of 16 who engages in prostitution. If someone profits from the acts of a minor, or supervises others engaged in prostitution, that is a second-degree offense punishable as a Class C felony. Third-degree promotion of prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor and covers any other act of advancing or profiting from prostitution. Those who are accused of streetwalking are recommended to speak with a diligent Trussville prostitution attorney for legal advice.

Get Help from a Trussville Prostitution Attorney

You may need advice on how to proceed after facing accusations of prostitution. There is often much more at risk than just a jail sentence or fine. The consequences related to convictions for sex work may threaten your career, your lifestyle, and your freedom. Placement on a sex offender registry could also threaten your future. Speak with a Trussville prostitution lawyer to learn about your options and how you may minimize or prevent some of the negative outcomes related to a conviction. Take the first step to protect yourself and your future.