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Losing the ability to drive could make your lifestyle dramatically different. Some types of traffic violations may result in a court suspending or revoking your driver’s license. Other types may result in fines, jail sentences, or points on your driving record that affect your car insurance and financial situation.

No matter the type your traffic issue you face, you may find it helpful to learn more about your rights and possible outcomes from a Trussville traffic lawyer. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be aware of local court processes and could explain your options, depending on how you approach a citation. Working with a legal representative could help you achieve a favorable outcome for your situation.

Different Types of Driving Violations in Trussville

There are many reasons why a police officer may issue someone a traffic ticket. Some common grounds for citations may include:

  • Driving without proper insurance
  • Traffic signal and stop sign violations
  • Speeding

If a ticket is ignored, the court may issue a warrant, which would allow the police to arrest the driver if they are located. Such an arrest could happen at any time.

One of the more serious traffic violations involves driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Even a charge of DUI could result in the driver’s license being suspended. If a court convicts a driver, the driver may lose their license, serve jail time, and attend educational classes. Other significant offenses involve reckless driving, which means that other people or property were at risk because of how the driver was operating the car. A person accused of a motor vehicle violation is recommended to consult a Trussville traffic lawyer for help with building a defense case.

Potential Penalties for Traffic Citations

Violations of Title 32 of the Code of Alabama are typically viewed as misdemeanor offenses, as noted in §32-5A-8. In the case of a misdemeanor traffic offense, the court typically does not punish a first offense conviction with more than $100 in fines or more than ten days in jail. If a second offense is charged within a year of the first offense, the driver may face up to $200 in fines and up to 30 days in jail. The court could punish a third offense with up to $500 in fines and up to three months in jail.

If a person violates a traffic rule and the court declares that act to be a felony, the potential consequences are more severe. The court may put the driver in jail for at least one year, with a maximum sentence of up to ten years, and issue a fine of up to $5,000. A traffic attorney in Trussville could explain the potential penalties a person may face for their road citations.

Get More Information from a Trussville Traffic Attorney

It could be difficult to decide how you should approach a traffic ticket. Even when you pay a minor ticket fine, this is a guilty plea that may increase your car insurance premiums and change your financial situation. If you are facing more serious charges, you may need the services of a Trussville traffic lawyer invaluable. A seasoned attorney could protect you from potential jail time, work to reduce potential fees, and avoid points on your record.

You have the right to the services of a lawyer during any traffic charge. Even if a citation feels like a minor inconvenience, it may be beneficial to schedule an initial consultation and work with an attorney to mitigate the potential negative outcomes.