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Of all of the different types of crimes in Tuscaloosa, fraud is one of the broadest and most vague. Deliberately written to cover as much conduct as possible, fraud statutes aim to prevent deceptive dealings in all forms, including novel ones that have not been used before.

The expansive reach of these statutes may result in innocent people being accused of fraud and other serious white-collar crimes. Speaking with a Tuscaloosa fraud lawyer could help you learn how to fight against such allegations. Once retained, an accomplished criminal attorney could review your case and build your defense.

The Many Types of Fraud in Tuscaloosa

In a broad sense, fraud is a deceptive practice meant to deprive a person of their property. While this covers numerous types of conduct, there are some allegations of fraud that Tuscaloosa attorneys deal with more commonly than others.

Insurance Fraud

Making misleading statements or misrepresenting facts to an insurance company can lead to insurance fraud charges. Attempting to defraud an insurance company is not uncommon and does not need to involve millions of dollars to run afoul of the law. A person could be charged with insurance fraud for merely overstating the amount of damage suffered in a car accident to get more money in a claim.

Mortgage Fraud

To get a loan for a house, loan providers require applicants to be truthful when they fill out an application. Exaggerating claimed income or forging signatures on application documents to secure better financing than would otherwise have been available can lead to a charge of mortgage fraud.

Healthcare Fraud

Doctors and other medical professionals can face healthcare fraud charges if they misrepresent the number of patients they see or what type of medical care they provided. This qualifies as a fraud offense since such misleading statements could lead to insurance companies giving bigger payouts to the accused.

Penalties for Fraud Depend on Value of Funds Obtained

Since there are so many different types of fraud, and since certain allegations implicate a greater amount of money than others do, the penalties for a fraud conviction can vary. In some of the most severe instances, fraud can be a felony-level offense that carries years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines.

It should be noted that any fraud conviction gives a defendant a criminal background. Even after the legal penalties are over, a criminal background can make it difficult for a person to reenter the workforce. Banks and employers will also typically be far less likely to provide a loan or a job to convicted individuals.

Defending Against a Charge of Fraud

While fraud charges can come in a variety of different circumstances and contexts, defending against them frequently involves proving that the alleged conduct was not deceptive. This is often a very fact-intensive and document-heavy process that looks at the totality of the circumstances to determine if a reasonable person would have been deceived.

A fraud lawyer in Tuscaloosa may know the types of evidence that judges and juries look for when hearing a case. A skilled defense attorney could also be familiar with where to look for evidence and how to present it persuasively.

When to Contact a Tuscaloosa Fraud Attorney

If you were accused of fraud, it may be critical to have a Tuscaloosa fraud lawyer at your side to help you protect your rights. Waiting for a fraud allegation is not necessary—if you wish to ensure that you are not violating any Tuscaloosa fraud laws, scheduling a consultation with a knowledgeable attorney could be crucial. Let a dedicated lawyer give you the legal support and guidance you need.

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