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If you have been arrested for solicitation in Alabama, you know all too well about the seriousness of your arrest. Not only is the solicitation of prostitution illegal and charged as a Class A misdemeanor in Alabama. However, every prostitution-related crime carries consequences that can reach far beyond any criminal penalties, including reputation-related risks and professional risks. As soon as possible after your arrest, you should consult with an experienced Tuscaloosa solicitation lawyer. A distinguished criminal attorney can work to protect your legal rights and fight to protect you and your reputation.

Solicitation and Prostitution Offenses in Alabama

According to the Alabama criminal code, prostitution is defined as the commission of a sexual act in exchange for money or anything else of value. Solicitation is a prohibited activity that falls under the same law as prostitution.

Under Alabama law, a person can be charged with solicitation without a sexual act taking place, as merely the act of agreeing to exchange compensation for sex is illegal. Class A misdemeanors carry the potential for up to one year in jail and up to $6,000 in fines. If an individual has prior convictions related to solicitation and prostitution, they may be subject to even more serious consequences.

Defenses to a Solicitation Charge

A Tuscaloosa solicitation lawyer can walk individuals through what to expect during the trial process. The lawyer may ask for the details surrounding the incident which led to the arrest in order to determine how best to represent them and seek the best possible outcome for their case.

During discussions, the lawyer will identify any and all applicable defenses that may be argued in order to drop or reduce the charges against the individuals or mitigate the severity of any criminal penalties. Two possible defenses, among others, to argue against a solicitation charge include analysis of sting operations or claiming lack of knowledge.

Role of Undercover Operations

One of the tactics used by law enforcement when going after prostitution-related crimes is the sting operation. During a sting operation, the police work undercover to pose as prostitutes in order to catch potential johns offering compensation for sex. At times, the actions of the police may cross over into territory that is illegal, such as inducing the commission of a crime through what is called entrapment. A Tuscaloosa solicitation lawyer can analyze the facts of the sting operation to determine if an individual was arrested illegally.

How to Use the Lack of Knowledge as a Defense

Sometimes, the person arrested for solicitation was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time and did not actually intend to exchange money for sex. It could be that the accused genuinely believed that they were engaging in consensual sex with no plans for payment involved. The attorney may argue the individual’s lack of knowledge if no money was actually exchanged during the incident.

How a Tuscaloosa Solicitation Attorney Can Help

If you have been arrested for solicitation or another prostitution-related crime, you should quickly establish a relationship with a lawyer who knows how to handle these types of cases and who can suggest ways to protect both your legal rights as well as your reputation. Contact a Tuscaloosa solicitation lawyer to learn more about how they can help you.