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Traffic tickets and other penalties incurred in the State of Alabama can be extremely costly from both a monetary and a time perspective. Alabama drivers typically receive citations for minor traffic offenses, such as speeding, ignoring a stop sign, or running a red light at an intersection. Drivers may also receive citations and criminal penalties for more serious driving offenses, such as for drunk driving.

If you have been charged with a traffic offense in Alabama, a Tuscaloosa traffic lawyer can help to streamline your case. A distinguished criminal attorney may be able to help you fight your citation or criminal charge in court.

Recommended Legal Steps

After receiving a traffic ticket or being charged with a driving-related offense, it is important to immediately contact a Tuscaloosa traffic attorney – even if the driving offense is a so-called “minor” offense. Many times, there are hidden fines and other penalties associated with traffic tickets, and simply paying the ticket can quickly add points to any driving record. These points accumulate over time and can eventually result in a license suspension and imposition of other fees, such as a driver responsibility fee.

A Tuscaloosa traffic lawyer may be able to appear in court on a driver’s behalf, without the driver ever having to appear at all. A lawyer may be able to negotiate a traffic ticket and try to minimize the ticket’s impact on an individual’s driving record, including minimizing points and other penalties. This will lessen the potential impact the driving offense might have on a driver’s insurance premiums.

Possible Penalties for Traffic Violations

Minor driving offenses like speeding tickets usually have payable fines associated with them. They can also result in aggravation and inconvenience, including missed time from work to attend court appearances, and, in the case of a license suspension, having to rely on others for rides.

More serious offenses, such as drunk driving offenses, may also have fines associated with them, but they can carry some additional penalties upon conviction, such as loss of driving privileges, driver’s license suspensions, and even jail time.

Even minor driving offenses with payable fines can result in points being added to a driver’s motor vehicle division record for being an at-risk driver. This can lead to skyrocketing insurance premiums. Once insurance premiums rise significantly, it may be years before an insurance company finally lowers them. A Tuscaloosa traffic lawyer can examine all of the facts and circumstances of a case, including police records and police conduct, and can also make a determination about whether to challenge a traffic ticket or other charge – and about the likelihood of success in court.

Hiring an Attorney

After receiving a traffic ticket and/or being charged with a driving-related offense, it is very common for drivers to have questions about their legal rights and possible penalties. A Tuscaloosa traffic lawyer can discuss your individual situation with you and make recommendations about whether (and how) to challenge a traffic ticket or charge in court. It is essential that you have experienced legal representation on your side at every stage of your case. Doing so can save you a tremendous amount of time and money in fines, penalties, and insurance premium hikes.